We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new Phase for Nima Bay. The time has come to conclude a project that will bring great value to current and future Owners, with new amazing amenities and great services coming along with it.

In order for this new phase to come to fruition, we examined key elements of the very well-received original project, incorporating present-day trends in the use of amenities as well as in residential space design. As such, and after over a year of research, analysis and design, we are thrilled to present the next phase in the simple pleasure of Epicentric Living.

Welcome to Nima Bay Phase II.




You are entitled to receive Price List with:
30% OFF for 80% Down payment and 20% at delivery,

25% OFF for 30% Down payment, 50% in monthly payments for 24 months and 20% at delivery.


Developer already granted you 30% OFF or 25% OFF (depending on your payment plan), there is no extra discounts. Nima Bay Phase 2 is the Best Price/Value ratio Development in the Marina market, don’t loose this great opportunity.


Once you get the price list, please Select the unit from the Price List and fulfill the attached form accordingly (Nima Bay Phase II PURCHASE REQUEST.docx). Please Send it back to me. All orders will be processed in a first come first served basis. This document signed by developer is your reservation form, while you sign the contract.


Construction will start in June 1st 2021 at the latest. Delivery will be 24 months after start construction.


Your down payment will be held in a Escrow company account until June 1st at the latest. Once the Developer starts construction the money will be transfer to the developer´s account. If for any reason the construction does not star by June 1st 2021 your money will be returned back from Escrow company to your bank account.


Please fill out the blanks on the following document and send back to [email protected] to formally start your purchase request process.





Absolutely! Existing amenities and New amenities will be for everyone.
A BIG discount has been already granted by the developer without even asking for it (25% to 30% depending on the form of payment), for this reason we only take orders, Not Offers.
The New Development consists of 2 New Towers, Tower C & Tower D, therefore Tower A & B are not part of Nima Bay Phase 2.

There will be 3 PH´s on level 10th at both C & D Towers. (6 in total), only 4 out of the 6 will have Private Rooftops, which will be delivered with the following finishes:

  • Jacuzzy
  • W/C
  • Shaded Area.

Choose your favorite!

Basically, they are the same in terms of distribution with a slight difference in the area size, also, C-PH4, C-PH5, D-PH4 & D-PH5 will have stairs to access their own private rooftop.

Before June 1st 2021
Your deposit will be held in an Escrow account until the developer starts construction.
In case the start of construction is delayed, you will be notified of this situation and a new construction start date will be proposed; If an agreement is not reached, you may request the developer to refund your deposits, in which case the refunds will be made without any type of penalty or interest at the expense of the developer.
Please fill out the purchase reservation format with your signature and send to [email protected]