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Destinations near Puerto Vallarta

With more than 4 million visits a year, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Mexico, chosen by many to spend their summer or winter vacations, in the company of family, friends or why not, even alone.But what other things [...]

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Balcony Sanctuary

Creating a Balcony Sanctuary Turn your balcony/terrace into a super-cosy refuge. No matter the size of your space, a few smart ideas and a little imagination can take it from meh to awesome. 1. Fancy up the floor. [...]

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Financing options for condo purchase

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS, WHEN PURCHASING A CONDO AT NIMA BAY? You have already done everything necessary to find the perfect unit for your needs, whether for investment or home, and now ... What's next? There are three ways to purchase a condo, and [...]

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Stay Home Stay Healthy

STAY HOME, STAY WELL FED For all of you that are currently living in Puerto Vallarta and those who’ve decided to spend the quarantine here, there’s something that we all need to remember: During times of uncertainty, the best thing to [...]

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Are you thinking on bringing your ride to Mexico?

Are you thinking on bringing your ride to Mexico? Once you have moved to your new home in Puerto Vallarta, usually the next question is what about transportation, even when there are many ways of moving around town, with public service, [...]

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