What should I do in case my condo or home does not have direct access to the beach? Where can I go? Most of the times when we arrive to a new coast the first thing we want to do is to leave everything behind and go out to sunbathe, eat some delicious food and enjoy the sea and the beach, however in many occasions we find ourselves in condominiums or houses that do not have direct access to one, and that’s precisely why we bring you the most popular Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta, and closest one to Marina Vallarta.

The beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta and/or hotels that offer their famous “Day Pass” within their facilities, show us different spaces with ample outdoor areas, lounge chairs on the beach to sunbathe, indoor and outdoor tables to enjoy food, bars to savor refreshing drinks and, in some cases, swimming pools.

But which are the best beach clubs or hotels that offer a “Day Pass” within the Puerto Vallarta Marina?

Just a 15 minute walk from the Starbucks of the Marina we’ll find this hotel, which in high season is very popular, and they even ask to check availability before you go for their day pass; but in low season, you can enjoy its facilities from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, for a cost of 40 dollars, of which everything is 100% refundable in food and drinks, as well as access to its pools and access to the beach.

A 10-minute walk from Nima Bay and 5 minutes by car is the Melia Hotel, which like the Regina Hotel offers us within its facilities the opportunity to use their pools and beach access, they offer two packages.

The first one from 10 am to 6 pm, which includes breakfast and lunch for only $1,045 pesos approximately, and the package from 10 am to 11 pm, including breakfast, lunch and dinner for a cost of $1,330 pesos.

On the same Street of Paseo de la Marina Avenue, there is also the Marriot Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, which offers us for the cost of 750 pesos with a credit of 400 pesos in meals and drinks within its facilities, as well as the opportunity to use its swimming pools and access to the beach, with a schedule from 9 am to 9 pm.

Outside of Marina Vallarta, what other beach clubs can I visit?

This restaurant like everything else in Vallarta has two seasons, high and low; during low season in the middle the week there is no minimum consumption required to use its lounge chairs and/or umbrellas, you are only asked to consume inside its restaurant and bar to be able to use them and on weekends the suggested consumption in the lounge chairs area is 350 pesos per person in food and drinks.

During its high season it is managed under previous reservation, especially the lounge and beds area, this beach club it’s most definitely a spot you won’t want to miss in the romantic zone of Vallarta.

Right at the beginning of downtown Vallarta and a few blocks before the boardwalk you will find this restaurant/bar – where you can enjoy incredible food and delicious drinks – they do not have a minimum consumption requirement and when you are consuming with them they allow you to make use of their chairs and lounge chairs by the beach, where you can enjoy the sunset in the company of your friends.

On the south coast of our beautiful Puerto Vallarta is this incredible place, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while tasting a craft beer, signature cocktails and snacks. Located on Caballo beach in Las Animas – this environment will give you the tranquility you are looking for to relax and enjoy.