With more than 4 million visits a year, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Mexico, chosen by many to spend their summer or winter vacations, in the company of family, friends or why not, even alone.

But what other things can I do while I am visiting Puerto Vallarta? – It’s the weekend and I want to get out of the routine, take the road and enjoy other views, other places, and new flavors.

That is why we want to tell you about the 5 best places to visit, located just a few hours from Puerto Vallarta and that will offer new experiences and memories to carry in your heart.

Just 1 hour away we will find the first destination on this list, Sayulita, one of the magical towns of Mexico, located on the coast of Riviera Nayarit. It is the perfect spot to visit if your thing is to enjoy walking through streets full of history and life and especially if one of your favorite hobbies is surfing, since its coast makes it the perfect place to practice this sport. In this magical town you can find a variety of food, jewelry stores, clothes, works of art and much more, while discovering the relaxed vibe of this place.

Our next destination is the beautiful magical town of San Sebastián del Oeste, 1 hour and a half from Puerto Vallarta, through a road between mountains and reaching a completely different climate than you will find on a coast, this place preserved in the Mining history is perfect to give a twist to the noise of the city and simply enjoy next to a good coffee, strolling through its cobbled streets and seeing its emerald, green mountains.

Following the same route and only 40 minutes from San Sebastián del Oeste is the third magical town on this list, Mascota, a beautiful place full of history, with an archaeological museum with more than 600 pieces that tell us the history of this place, conquered in 1525 by the Spanish – its name comes from Amaxacotlán, Mazcotla which means place of deer and snakes. Definitely a place worth visiting, and if so, it is better to wear a light sweater since its average temperature is 21º.

2 hours from Puerto Vallarta and within the same line of these magical towns, Talpa de Allende follows on our list of places to visit. Surrounded by pine forests, this place is visited each year by millions of people, for its history and its pilgrimage route, it is worth adding it to your list taking advantage of the proximity to San Sebastián and Mascota.

Finally, we would like to add to this list the beautiful beach of Mayto, located in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, just 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta – with 11 kilometers of beach and incredible sunsets, famous for its oysters and its ideal beaches for fishing and snorkeling. This place will be an adventure from the beginning, starting with the route of Highway 200, a very visual section with views towards the sea and then entering wooded areas in El Tuito, finally going down and reaching the beach. A place worth exploring.