Creating a Balcony Sanctuary

Turn your balcony/terrace into a super-cosy refuge. No matter the size of your space, a few smart ideas and a little imagination can take it from meh to awesome.

1. Fancy up the floor.

Most balconies come standard, but that’s not something you have to live with. Outdoor rugs are also a great addition, adding texture and color. Overlap patterned rugs for a bohemian look, and faux grass feels great on bare feet.

2. Go Green

Studies show that greenery and nature help us relax, adding lots of plants makes a space feel welcoming. They can go perfect on your walls vertically saving some space on your balcony.

Pick plants you like, but also factor in what will do well on your patio. If you’ve got full sun all day long or you’re always in the shade of the building next door, pick the appropriate plants. And don’t forget to factor in wind level. If high winds are an issue, delicate flowers won’t survive, but hardier ornamental grasses can be a lovely alternative. Or try herbs – they’re easy to grow, inexpensive to buy and you can eat them!

Don’t have a green thumb? Faux plants have come a long way. Even the most affordable options look pretty real, and require zero work, apart from an occasional dusting.

3. Think Vertically

Add shelving to hold candles and plants and hang weather-resistant decorative elements like mental or sculptures. Once again vertical gardens are a great option.

4. Protect your Privacy

Room dividers, trellises and romantic white sheers can all make your balcony feel like an exclusive little shelter and will provides privacy while still letting in light and air. But before putting something like that, you may want to check with your condo board to ensure they’re okay with how it looks. Lighting is very important at night; you can create a very nice atmosphere depending soft tone lights.

“Not every condo board will be okay with someone blocking off their patio, so I made sure to run the idea by them first, it’s a good idea to be proactive about getting permission.”

5. Throw in pops of color

Paint a chair cherry red, throw around some teal cushions or incorporate bright blooms to add visual interest. Incorporating small, colorful elements makes it easy and inexpensive to change things up season to season (or even week to week, depending how quickly you get bored).

If this is your 2nd home, you should take care of it as well, in case you need to go back home you better think about having someone taking care of your decoration, plants, furniture etc. For more information, please contact us.

After this “Brainstorm” you might need some help, if so, just let us know and we will be more than glad to put you in contact with some great Designers.

So now…. How will you design your balcony retreat?



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