If you’re thinking of buying as an investment or if you’re considering renting your unit for the time being, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so we’re here to give you some tips on this subject…

1. First impressions matter

First impressions matter, reason why it’s important that you present your property in a clean, safe, and inviting manner – that portraits what most people are looking for when they come to Puerto Vallarta – A fun, comfortable and relaxing place. Also Related to this point, it’s important to keep your unit as neutral as possible, meaning that you should try to put every personal item away or locked inside a closet that will not be used, at least for the period of time that you intend to rent out your property.

If you’ve just bought your unit but haven’t started furnishing or are in the middle of this process, it’s important to consider the point mentioned above and try to stay between the fine line of luxury, comfort and durable furniture. We can always recommend professionals that we trust and have fare rates for this fine art.

2. Hire a Pro for your Property pictures

Sometimes people are not able to take a look at a property in person, so the only way to showcase this to them is through photos. Even though nowadays all of us have phones that have great cameras on them, this will never compare to what a professional photographer can do with a camera, good lighting, and the skill and visual knowledge of realty photography, for this reason, our second point would be to hire a professional to have a good set of photos to promote your unit.

3. Personalized Service

We are aware that there are a lot of platforms to promote and rent your property, nevertheless, there’s also a lot of people who still prefer to go directly through a real estate agent, as sometimes this can be more reliable. As real estate agents, a lot of people trust us for our services and face to face treatment that we give to the tenants, especially because the people who prefer the stay in the Marina tend to be retired couples who appreciate to be accommodated through a warmer personal treatment given to them face to face.

4. The importance of showing

In Puerto Vallarta, especially during high season – a lot of people plan ahead for their next year rental and to be able to show the property, can help a lot to captivate a possible tenant. Having our office located right bellow Nima Bay gives us a great advantage, since it allows us to be able to demonstrate at any moment, and therefore increase the possibility of getting someone interested in next year.

5. Most people love Pets

Another very important point to consider, is whether to be pet friendly or not, which has pros and cons, nowadays a lot of people have service or company dogs that can’t be left at home, which also tend to be small and well trained. Most places in the world have become pet friendly because of this same reason, which is why perhaps it could be good for your rental to be open to dialogue on this matter, instead of having a complete NO for an answer.

6. Rental Pricing during different seasons

And last but not least, rental pricing. First of all, you must know that Puerto Vallarta has 2 seasons – Low season (from mid-April to November) and High season (from December to mid-April). During the low season the people who tend to visit Puerto Vallarta are nationals – as the kids tend to have longer vacation periods, and during what is called high season, you’ll most likely get international and nationals. We recommend you adjust your prices accordingly, as low season will not have as many requests as the high season period.

We hope you find this information helpful in you experience of renting your unit.
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