Importance of environment and geographic location on a condo investment!

Thinking about acquiring a condominium implies more than just falling in love with the aesthetics and features of the development in which you want to invest, it is also important to consider the surroundings and even possible environmental situations that could arise within the region, as well as the benefits from the specific characteristics of the geographical area.

Puerto Vallarta has the geographical benefit of being located in a natural bay named “Banderas Bay”, being the third largest bay in the world; it gains its advantage from the different formations that protect the region from any type of risk. Surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Madre Occidental and thanks to the bay’s formation, this area has a minimum risk of perceiving any climate situation with a high level of threat.

Next you will find 7 interesting facts that make Puerto Vallarta a secure destiny for investors interested on having their heritage protected from natural disasters.

Puerto Vallarta’s geographic zone counteracts natural phenomena of high levels of danger, from Punta de Mita to Cabo Corrientes, the bay’s peculiar formation is guarded by the Sierra Madre occidental mountains, which provide a natural barrier against the winds.

It has a confident sewerage systems approved by SEAPAL Vallarta, that in case of any flood their drainage is prepared to transit effectively.

SASMEX installed 97 earthquake sensors that cover the pacific coast, having Vallarta as the main beacon being watched, it also stands as a strategic zone prepared for any seismic warning.

Puerto Vallarta has been classified as one of the safest areas in terms of both security and prevention of environmental phenomena during 2017.

The climate is perfect most time of the year, with sunlight at least 330 days a year, perfect to take advantage of the beaches within Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings, temperature goes from 20.5 ºC in spring to the highest reaching 33 ºC in the summer. Puerto Vallarta’s climate is often compared to the one enjoyed in the islands of Hawaii.

The difference between this bay among the many other shallow water bays in the world, is its quantity of humpback whales, stingrays, dolphins, marlin fish, sailfish and other fine fish for sport fishing that come to inhabit the bay, thanks to the temperature and stable marine currents suitable for their migration.

According to Forbes magazine, Puerto Vallarta is considered as one of the 10 best cities in Mexico to invest and to do business with, featuring an international airport, convention center, hotel industry and an important aerial and maritime connection, as the key to position Vallarta as a unique investment jewel on the pacific.

“International Living’s” Global Annual Retirement Index, ranked Mexico as the best retirement paradise in the world, while “Conde Nast” names Vallarta as the most friendly resort in the world, reason why is not a surprised that so many retirees have emigrated to Puerto Vallarta in recent years.

Ranked as the second most important place for their gastronomic offer, only behind Mexico City, with amazing natural features that make Vallarta an incredible destiny for leisure and rest, featuring a nice and calm environment, surrounded with friendly people.

Now that you know a little bit more about this amazing paradise destiny, come and experience Puerto Vallarta and Nima Bay, where you will find an exclusive lifestyle with the simple pleasure of living.