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Decorating your new condo apartment is something that delights anyone buying a new property, because it represents a new start, a blank canvas with lots of expectations to meet. If you are looking for a special decoration for you new residence, the first step is to determine the style you will prefer, whether is exotic, Mediterranean, rustic, minimalist, or any other, you will want to know exactly how you wish to spend your leisure days in Vallarta, so you accommodate your space with the spirit of an endless vacation.

Puerto Vallarta has very good options of furniture stores and interior design suppliers to the taste of all styles, from antique objects and a collection of Hindu art imports, with excellent artists carpenters available to design your own chair, to the latest trend in European interior design for tropical climates.

Remember that the best decorative elements you can use in a house near the sea are the ones you find in the environment that surrounds you. This idea maintains the beach and natural concept. So go for a walk and collect things you can use as coral shells, logs, wood, bamboo or whatever is on your way. The key for choosing the right materials for your second home in Vallarta relies on the importance of having resistance to humidity and general weather conditions. Having a terrace where you can shelter from the sun is always a good idea; make sure that it is in harmony with the surroundings.

Actually, it is not a about following the beauty canons or the rules of each decorative style, but rather, achieving a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that reflects a little of your personality, above all you have to be clear on the purpose of the condo itself, whether it will be use for rental purposes, family, if you have small children or pets, etc. For this reason we have invited Talia Sandoval expert interior designer and condo decorator in Vallarta, a young Mexican designer that will help us answer the most frequent questions regarding this topic.

What are the most common used styles for the beach?

Actually the style is very diverse depending on the user of the space, usually we are asked for furniture with a fresher appearance, clear and washable textiles.

Rental or living decoration, what is the difference?

I think we have to be careful with both; I have many clients who have the idea that they have to invest less when it’s a rental purposed department, although we have to remember that these departments will have a very different use than the one you will give to your own belongings, for this reason you’ll want to have resistant good quality furniture and think about having a covers as an option to make cleaning easier; Nevertheless there are places where we can lower the cost, such as in decoration, like pictures, vases etc.

What is the minimum furniture to have on a rental condo?

You’ll want to have a very confortable and easy to clean living room, options of beds with extra mattresses, sofa beds and a good entertainment space.

If it’s a condo to be used as a second home, how would you decide on the furniture, will you go for the price or the quality?

Definitely quality, we have to take into account that every time we don’t invest in quality, the cost will always be higher at the end, since in a few years that poor quality furniture or decoration will have to be replaced, turning out being a duplicate cost.

Which materials are the most recommended for the high percentage of humidity on the climate of Puerto Vallarta?

Marble, granite countertops, try to put as little wood as possible, which although we love, the maintenance of this is very complicated in climates like Puerto Vallarta.

What are the basic tips for making a pet friendly decoration?

Textiles and synthetic materials, (100% polyester), specifically in case of cats, try not to have very textured furniture, in general, carpets on darker colors.

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Condo Features

2014.3 ft2

2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1. Kitchen cabinets and custom wardrobe imported from Italy – Aranworld Collection
2. Porcelain-tile showers with frameless glass enclosures and double sinks in master bath
3. Ready for cable, television, satellite, high-speed internet, and telephone
4. Solid granite counter-tops
5. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
6. 24-hour electronic, manned security and concierge service 24/7

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